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Feng Shui tips to Attract the Energy of Wealth and Abundance

If you were to tour a home on a real estate search and want to see all of the rooms of the home, you cannot see all of the rooms at once. You must flow through the home one room at a time. If some doors are jammed or locked, it may be particularly difficult to see some aspects of the home. 

Good feng shui in your home or office does not bring you wealth if you do not strive for it, but it does give you the necessary support to attract the energy of money. 

Feng shui helps you create an environment, both at home and in your office, that strengthens you and helps attract the energy of wealth.

The best feng shui money energy foundation is having your home and business free of clutter.

Good feng shui money energy also means maintaining high oxygen levels at all times. This means your space has fresh air with a vibrant quality to it, and decorating with feng shui air purifying plants is the best (and the easiest!) feng shui way to help keep the energy in your space vibrant and “wealth-ready”.

Natural light is obviously very important. In order to attract (and keep, as well as multiply!) the energy of abundance, you have to create an honestly good quality of energy in your space, there is no way around it. 


Water is an ancient symbol of abundance in all cultures, not only in feng shui.If a fountain will not work in your space or you are just not comfortable with the idea, you can use images of flowing water such as waterfalls, rivers, etc. Any water image is an excellent feng shui for wealth energizer, just be sure the water is clear and moving. So, images of a fast flowing river or a waterfall, for example, are better feng shui for wealth cures than the images of a quiet lake or a pond.


The overall decor in your money area has the appropriate feng shui colors, items, shapes and images, all expressing the Wood and the Water feng shui elements. A bit of Fire feng shui element decor is always good and serves as an energizing factor.

Wealth Cures

Take your time and bring into your space only the wealth cures that really speak to you of abundance and wealth. No matter what you choose – an aquarium for wealth or the Laughing Buddha, be sure you choose wisely.

Based upon the principles of Feng Shui, when improvements are made to the Prosperity corner of your surroundings in combination with improvements made to complementing areas, you can start to see real results to your wealth and income.

The Feng Shui Bagua

The Feng Shui Bagua overlays onto the floor plan of a home with the bottom of the Bagua lining up with the wall of the front door.

Using the colorful Bagua, we can now look at the individual areas so that we can determine how we affect and are affected by the Chi that flows through these segmented surroundings.

Best Colors: Purple, Green, Gold, & Red
Here are some of the best money items you can place in your Wealth / Prosperity / Money corner to stimulate positive Feng Shui.
The Color Purple
In Feng Shui, purple is the best color to stimulate and increase your abundance. Historically-speaking, purple was the hardest color to make, so only royalty wore purple to show that they were wealthy.
Hang purple curtains on your windows or have a purple throw blanket on furniture that you may have in this corner.
Alternatively, you can use a purple vase that can work as your Prosperity Vase, where you can put money in everyday as you are imagining this money growing like magic beans into a huge money tree that will take you to that giant in the sky.
The Color of Money
Be sure to use green as another money symbol in Feng Shui since money is green!
Plants that have rounded-leaves, if they bear fruit, are even better! Just make sure there are no thorns on that plant and if your Prosperity corner is in your bedroom, do not put plants in your bedroom.
The Midas Touch
Gold is another wealth color in Feng Shui.  In your Prosperity corner you could have gold coins, gold jewelry, or gold frames with photos of people or family members whose wisdom and financial success you admire.
Dream Boards and Symbols of Goals
This would be a great area of your home to have a dream board or any symbols that remind you of wealth and abundance, such as dream home, yacht, exotic cars or dream vacations.
Free-Flowing Money
Make sure that your home as well as your wealth spots are free of clutter and sparkling clean. You don’t want to stop the flow of energy in your money corner.

Feng Shui and Energy

In Feng Shui, we see the front door of a home as the mouth of incoming energy. From there, an ideal flow of life-giving Chi would cycle through different areas of the home represented by important elements to our existence, starting with the front door: water, wood, fire, earth and metal.

Think of it this way: Chi that flows into your home starts by energizing water. Water, in turn, nourishes wood trees. Wood then fuels fire. Fire rejuvenates earth. Over time, earth and its processes create metal. To renew the cycle, metal gives water a path through which to flow.
This is what is called a creative cycle in Feng Shui and it should flow in a clockwise motion in a home’s layout, starting with the front door. A well-energized and free-flowing creative cycle will provide harmony and balance in the lives of its occupants. This is where the placement of doors, stairs and walls in the floor plan can be crucial for the energy flow.
In Feng Shui, it is all about creating balance. Creating a balanced energy in homes is important so that future residents living in the space can live healthy, harmonious and fruitful lives.

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