Monday, April 24, 2017

The Field of Gold - 5500 Daffodil Garden in Aurora

The Arboretum follows a green space from Wellington Street to St. John side road. It has pave and unpaved trails, lovely bridges and a large variety of flowers, trees and shrubs, and native species. It is home to butterflies, song birds and small mammals.

 Daffodil Garden is apparently 3 years old (2017) a beautiful initiative of volunteers from Aurora belonging to Aurora Community Arboretum

A large memorial daffodil garden .
October 29th 2017 an enthusiastic group of volunteers planted 1,000 daffodil bulbs in the Arboretum. This will bring a grand total of 5,500 daffodils in the Field of Gold.

The trail continues north and eventually joins the Tom Taylor trail in Newmarket. You can follow the Tom Taylor trail north beyond Green Lane to the Rogers Reservoir. 
The 100 acre park has other facilities such as playground for children and baseball diamonds and soccer fields. There is also a community center that has a gym, a pool and a hockey rink open all year round.
Like much of the land in York Region, this was forested land before the settlers came and actively farmed the area. The Aurora Community Arboretum aims to help restore some of that former forest grandeur.
The idea for the Aurora Arboretum began about 1995 and it was established in 1996. The primary focus of the individuals working on the project at that time was to plant caliper trees as memorials. These first plantings are located in the valley of the East Holland River, just west of the Aurora Town Hall. The planting of the memorial trees (as of 2007 called Commemorative Trees) is done under Adopt-a-Park Agreements with the Town of Aurora.
 A 200 years old healthy tree was cut April 2017. here is the result. These old trees should be protected even tough the carved sculpture is beautiful. That was a tree older that the town itself.

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