Wednesday, March 8, 2017

High Taxes in Aurora Ontario Canada

When visitors come to northern York Region, there isn’t a hotel or motel for them to stay at in Aurora.

Development charges, or DCs as they are commonly called, are the fees developers have to pay municipalities to fund growth-related costs such as roads, water and sewer pipes, transit and recreation facilities.
While DCs aren’t the only consideration when someone is looking to build a new hotel, York’s high fees are a significant reason why Aurora is having trouble attracting a new hotel.
Building a 90-unit hotel in Ajax would cost $831,000 in development charges, he said. In Toronto, it would cost $868,000, while in Milton, the fees would come to $1.2 million.
That same hotel in Aurora would costs $2.8 million in regional and town DCs.
Arguing the region does have a program that gives hotel developers small financial relief, regional chairperson Wayne Emmerson urged Councillors not to focus on one industry before the region reviews its entire development charges structure in June 2017.
The taxes for a commercial Property in Aurora of 1,975 Sq Ft are $6,250. This are outrageous high. This taxes are taken from MLS listings 2017
The taxes for land only 0.9 Acres in Aurora are Taxes:$6,624.58 This info is from a MLS listings 2017.
5.05 Acres in Aurora are taxed at $15,387.80 per year.
Isn't the government charging too much in your opinion? The services offer in exchange are not reflecting the high price of taxation. 

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